Chosen Curtains Recycling Services Image


We understand that sometimes you simply don’t want something new.  Let’s face it, some curtains almost become old friends and you are naturally reluctant to part with them. That’s why we value recycling existing materials whenever possible.

If you have moved to a new home where your curtains don’t fit because they are too long we can cut them down to the right size.  Alternatively if they are too short we can add contrasting borders in a suitable fabric to get the correct length.

In some cases the lining will deteriorate or the leading edge may have faded while the rest of the fabric is perfectly serviceable.  We can replace that damaged fabric, reline or add a new leading edge to meet your requirements.

Perhaps you want a change but don’t want to go to the expense of buying new curtains.  In that case we could provide a new look by, for instance, changing the header, perhaps from a pencil pleat to a more modern eyelet heading.

We like to think anything is possible – just ask.