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Yes, I know it sounds like something Iron Maiden would come up with, but 2020 really is the Year of the Metal Rat. Let me explain.

It seems hard to credit but there is no getting away from the fact that Christmas is upon us and that’s another year gone!


If you have a youngster in your life they may well have told you that there is a great new movie coming to your cinema soon – Disney’s Frozen II.

As I’m sure you are aware it is that time of year again when all sorts of creepy occurrences take place.

You may be aware that this year celebrates the centenary of the Bauhaus movement.

I have talked about Louvolite blinds in these blogs before, particularly their Home Hub. This is the system that connects to your Wi Fi

We are currently experiencing a heatwave so why on earth am I going to be talking about thermal insulation?

Gloucestershire Curtain Company

I know that it is not easy pairing the right wallpaper with the best suited fabric. The sheer volume of available items makes the job almost impossible.