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Summer is finally here and with many of us still working from home, there is not a better time to update your home.

Taking inspiration from the Spring/Summer runway, there are some great patterns and textures that will provide your home with personality and a pop of colour.

Bold and Bright

Whether you love the bright and bold colours of eras of the past or simply love a pop of colour, retro patterns and bright accents are always a popular choice for home furnishings.

We stock a wide range of Prestigious Textiles that is able to transform your home into a time machine. The Collage fabric takes inspiration from the time of great Hollywood superstars such as Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. This 50’s inspired geometric fabric has been given a modern update, making it fashion forward for 2020. This clean and bright fabric comes in an array of colours and designs, making it versatile!

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Fun Florals

Bring the great outdoors, indoors with our Kew Gardens inspired fabrics. Every year whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter you will find that florals always make an appearance on the runway and are a popular trend for home furnishings. Why? Because they are versatile, classic and are a great way to add a feminine feel to the home. There is a floral for every man, woman and child from small and dainty patterns to bright, bold, tropical prints.

Traditional florals can add elegance to the home, our Grand Botanical fabric features the mighty English rose cascading down the fabric accented by embroidered fern leaves. Whilst other variations of this design provide other traditional inspired fabrics and modern floral prints.

Bright and bold floral prints provide a modern touch, adding a pop of colour and a bohemian touch. Our Bali fabric provides an Instagram-worthy touch to any home with its upbeat-tropical palette featuring large scale designs and geometric florals.

Classic and Clean

Minimalist colour palettes and fabrics have become increasingly popular with sites such as Pinterest and Instagram offering home inspiration from around the world. Also known as Scandi inspired furnishings can range from muted and natural colours with simple and clean furniture.

The Concept collection provides a textured feel to minimalist patterns, available in a range of bright, dark and muted colours. This fabric is an excellent choice for cushions, upholstery and drapery as it has the versatility to work in every home.


Important Notice

Working During Coronavirus Lockdown

Following the recent Government announcement regarding the lockdown we would like to make our customers aware that, whilst our shop is now closed, we can still conduct home visits for consultations, selection of fabrics and to undertake fittings. All of our home visits will follow strict Government guidelines and adhere to social distancing rules. These visits are dependent on our customers' health so if you are self-isolating or showing symptoms please let us know as soon as possible and we can rearrange our visit for when you have recovered.

Thank you again to all of our customers for your continued support. If you would like to discuss your requirements please contact us on:

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Take care and stay safe.


Mike & Annette Hutton