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We are currently experiencing a heatwave so why on earth am I going to be talking about thermal insulation?

Because the term ’thermal insulation’ doesn’t just mean wrapping up warm as protection against the cold. It can also act to keep the heat out as well as in.

Think about those flasks that are insulated or lined with reflective material. That is their purpose, to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

So why am I going on about thermal insulation? Because many fabrics are thermal insulators themselves. This means that in this tremendously hot weather they can actually help keep you cool.

Thermally lined curtains are excellent for keeping a bedroom cool during these hot summer nights, for example, making it more comfortable for you to sleep. In the colder months the insulation means they keep the heat in and also block draughts.

There is also a wonderful little product called Enviro Film, specifically designed for use in conservatories. The film is simply applied to the existing glass or polycarbonate roof.

It ensures that your conservatory is cool in the summer but warm in the winter, making it usable all year round. In addition, it will add protection from UV light to help stop your curtains and soft furnishings from fading.

I can provide a quote for Enviro Film if you let me have the length and width of your conservatory and am happy to discuss any thermal lining requirements you may have.

So, if you want to keep your cool before you reach boiling point, give me a call on 01452 551846 or pop in to our Churchdown showroom for a chat about thermal insulated fabrics and Enviro Film.