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I know it is that time of year when many people suffer from hay fever symptoms. One blind manufacturer has produced a product that may help relieve the suffering.

Louvolite have developed Pollergen, a unique fabric treatment that has earned the seal of approval from Allergy UK. Pollergen fabrics are treated with an active ingredient that enables them to capture and safely neutralise pollen, thus reducing the detrimental effects of hay fever.

Pollergen fabrics are designed to be washed and wiped down without lessening the effect of the pollen reducing agent. The active formulation simply carries on migrating to the surface of the fabric and can provide many years of pollen protection.

Pollergen blinds are available in Roman, roller, vertical or panel designs allowing maximum choice.

So if you are looking for new blinds and also a way of cutting back your hay fever suffering, give me a call on 01452 551846 to discuss which Pollergen blinds would be best suited to your home.